After-sale service scope


Preventive Maintenance Service:

To arrange skillful technical persons to inspect the air-conditioning system operation situation, and provide the system & equipment inspection reports and related maintenance service schedule, which aim to reduce the economic loss and minimize breakdown time; optimize the operation state of system and equipment, and create the best economic benefit for customer.

Moreover, also provides annually maintenance service contract, it includes: annually inspection, emergency service, related test and consumables replacement, and etc.

On the other hand, as per various level of requirement, we provide site stationed service, plant operation service, we also provide system control & trouble shooting and emergency service.


Corrective Maintenance Service:

Even the most reliable HVAC systems can break down causing major disruption and requiring immediate attention.

Our technical persons are available around the clock to return your air conditioning system back to operation with minimized lead time. We work closely with all customers to design
detailed planned and preventive maintenance programs to suit particular HVAC requirements. We provide bespoke site maintenance schedules & records and to ensure site attendance is specific to our customer requirements.

We respond quickly and efficiently to fulfill the emergency maintenance needs an breakdowns. We are also able to service, repair and overhaul all range of equipment in various applications.

We provide equipment inspection, professional advice and related maintenance service to customer. McQuay adopt original spare part from factories, and have professional experienced technical persons for maintenance work to ensure service quality, achieve maintenance and make sure the equipment for normal operation within the shortest time after breakdown. 

Spare Parts & Warehouse:

Spare Parts & WarehouseProvide good quality and reliable genuine spare part. In purpose of shorten shipment hours, the spare parts are sent from factory side to McQuay sales and service branches directly; on the other hand, the sales and service centre in a sizable warehouse with major existing stocks to fulfill the market demand.

Customer Service Training:

Site training –

Provide the essential material related to daily system operation and maintenance to the equipment. McQuay will arrange a free site air-conditioning system operation training after testing and commissioning.

Factory training –

Furthermore, McQuay factories are always organizing service training for customers annually to enhance for all operation level.

System Optimization for Energy Efficiency:

Through universal value added service, periodically, McQuay will proposal additional energy saving amendment program for the air-conditioning system aimed to be more energy-saving and efficient. A series of amendment program includes cleaning of condenser coil of chiller, cleaning cooling coil of air handling unit; changing of motor bearings of water pump; changing of motor bearings of cooling tower associated pulley belt & filled composite etc.

System Enhancement:

When the air-conditioning system had operated for a long period, it is certainly that would come out problems such as high maintenance cost, long maintenance time, and less system reliability than usual. However, after system modification, above situations will be resolved by McQuay professional modification advices on components replacement, overhaul and system rectification or enhancement.

System Enhancement


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