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McQuay Air-conditioning Ltd. is a subsidiary of McQuay China and recognized as one of the key air conditioning equipment suppliers in Hong Kong and Macau, delivering professional customer care and after-sales service since 1994.

Our History

before 1994

Since 1980s, McQuay and its former name Westinghouse, were distributed by a local Government Registered E&M contracting company and successfully penetrated into the market of public utilities and private sectors. Number of water cooled and air cooled chillers were installed in Government buildings, hospitals, commercial and industry buildings. In the event, a recognized central air conditioning brand name of McQuay was built in Hong Kong.


In 1994 OYL Industries Berhad, a unitary air conditioning manufacturing group in Malaysia, acquired McQuay International bringing together the very best companies in the business. AAF/McQuay group combined with AAF International, leader in the air-filtration industry and J & E Hall, one of the oldest refrigeration companies in the world, first to introduce the “single screw” compressor technology. OYL enabled McQuay to offer full range of air conditioning products from light residential and commercial air conditioning unitary products to large capacity central air conditioning applied products by this acquisition.

In the same year, McQuay established its own office in Hong Kong for sales and service supports and providing wide range of both unitary and applied products. After the year, our unitary products were adopted in number of residential and commercial buildings.


McQuay, through OYL, became a member of Japanese Daikin Industries Ltd, one of the largest air conditioning systems manufacturer. This acquisition involves both product range and geographic distribution benefits.


According to the requirement of Hong Kong Government, McQuay successfully gained ISO9001 certification for the Quality Servicing for Chillers in this year, it enables to fulfill regulatory requirements to install air conditioning systems in Government buildings.


As a sister company of AAF Group in Daikin Industries. McQuay Hong Kong was assigned to sell AAF brand air filtration products in Hong Kong and Macau. After the year, we revitalized AAF brand air handling unit providing with Eurovent certification, its aim is to fulfill the market needs of high-end air quality products.


McQuay keeps providing not only high quality air conditioning products and superior service in Hong Kong, our business is also expanding into many segments around the air conditioning industry including air filtration product, repairing and overhaul services, chiller plant operation maintenance, renovation and installation projects.

Our Company Structure


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